• Open for self-guided Lambing tours. April 1-21, 2019 from 11am - 4pm every day.
  • Best dates for lots of Lambing action: April 7-17
  • Includes Access to Lambing Pen
  • Opportunity to See Lamb Birth
  • Cuddle Pet Lambs
  • **We cannot guarantee the opportunity of seeing a lamb being born; Mother Nature and circumstances willing, we do our best to make sure you see a birth

Tips for our senior guests

If you walk with a walker we advise you to come in a wheel chair.  Due to the manure & mud on the ground walkers can not be properly pushed. For any other special needs, or questions please call 250.676.0057 or 250.676.9574 email tours@aveleyranch.com


Admission by Donation.

Lambing Tours Photo Gallery

I liked the historical background given during the hayride and teahouse sitting.

Blue River School Grade 5 student

Our tour guide, June, was excellent and gave us a wonderful tour with a personal touch. It was lots of fun to feed the orphaned lambs and to play with them. The hay ride was great too. Thanks for the wonderful tour. Authentic presentation and experience. Fun and informative.
Boat races were grrrreat! A lovely day was had by all.

Blue River School Student - Grade 4

Dear Seth, Thank-you for teaching me those wonderful things. I never knew you had to carry a baby lamb by the legs, that is so cool. Can I ask you a question. Why after one baby is born you have to feel the mothers tomey to see if theres a nother one?

Justeen, Blue River, BC

Dear Karen I liked seeing the ophan lambs it was fun to feed the babby lambs and seeing babies gettong born and your sheep will be safe because of the Dogs.I liked going on the hay ride. And whene the babies suck my fingers.

Victoria, Grade 4 student

Dear Karen and Seth Thank you for our tour guide. I liked it when the foster lambs got to suck on my fingers. I also licked it when I saw the chicks and when we got to take the chicken eggs

Utah, Blue River School